My Story

I am an Animal Artist specialising in Coloured Pencil, inspired by British Wildlife. I grew up in Lancashire and I have lived in this area of outstanding natural beauty all my life. I started my artistic career creating realistic drawings, of beloved pets and capturing their unique characters. I thoroughly enjoy creating every pet portrait and Wildlife drawing, each one individual and unique in its own way. 


My Two Favourite Boys...

I have two dogs, Bailey 14 years old and Barney 6 years old, they are basically my two little shadows and follow me around everywhere. They are by my side everyday when I draw and bring warmth to my life. They fell in love with each other when they met and are very much inseparable, as you can see.


My artistic journey began at High School, where I completed my Art exam using Oil Paints. I took this creativity onto Sixth Form, where I also studied Photography. I continued to focus on Oil paintings, which I felt at the time was my forte. I then went onto study Fine Art, Graphic Design and Fashion Design at College, in Lancashire.


I found that because of the structure of each subject, I was drawn to Fashion Design and continued this onto University. I spent one year at the University of Central Lancashire, creating and learning new skills. It was after my first year, that I realised Fashion wasn't the right path for me to take and I had a desire for something else.


I wanted to be able to draw the things I was passionate about and draw using materials I could experiment with. I decided to go travelling to Australia, with my partner and couldn't believe the stunning Wildlife that lived their. I cuddled Kangaroos, hand fed Rainbow Lorikeets, swam alongside a Turtle in the sea and came face to face with a Wild Koala Bear whilst walking. Every one of these moments were the highlights of my trip, I can't express in words how much I adore animals.  


After returning home from Australia I decided to invest my money and every non working hour, into creating everything I am passionate about. I had used Coloured Pencil before at school but never really gave myself a chance to experiment with them. I had always wanted to try them again one day, so when better to start, than now.


I turned half of my bedroom into an Art Studio and researched the best quality coloured pencils to use. I spent hours, days, weeks and months experimenting with them, before I was commissioned to draw my first Pet Portrait in March 2016. Since then, my commissions have grown and I began creating Wildlife drawings too. I decided to publish my work onto social media in January 2017, this really helped to advertise my artwork further. My Journey so far has recently led me to my first exhibition, at the Silverdale & Arnside Art Trail.


The support I have received so far has been incredible and better than I ever expected, I can't thank you all enough.

To continue following my story and for updates on my current works and exhibitions, please follow my Social Media Pages.

Thank you x